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Eirlys Retrievers
Our Dogs ~ Females
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Career Dogs Coming Up Roo'ses 
Whelped June 3, 2018
Breeder: Career Dogs Australia
Pedigree and Clearances

Anyone who meets Roux wants to take her home; she is a blast to have around. Rouxie is open-minded, eager and very affectionately engaged. Raising her has been pure joy.

Similar to her aunt Scout, this special girl carries a long lineage of dogs from the UK and Australia who I enjoyed  working with in the guide dog field. I am very grateful to Career Dogs Australia for giving me the honor of including Rouxie in our pack.

Among all of her favorite pastimes, Roux is very tender-hearted and is particularly content in the company of children. 

Please enjoy more pictures of Roux here.

Janie is a gorgeous young female who we bred in partnership with service school Eyes Ears Nose and Paws (EENP.)

Janie is easy to have around and is a local park favorite with children and adults alike in her co-owner's neighborhood. She readily accepts mentoring the service dog puppies who pass through her home.
Meg is our youngster. I was also blessed to breed and acquire Meg in partnership with assistance dog school Eyes Ears Nose and Paws (EENP.)

Meg was an extremely easy puppy to raise and a true pleasure to have around. She naturally steps into whatever mountain activity is asked of her, be it kayaking, canoeing, swimming, retrieving, snowshoeing, or patiently waiting downtown outside of a cafe.

She is equally tomboy-sporting, and gently sweet and calm; a quintessential golden temperament.

Eirlys Like the Sea 
Whelped November 17, 2019
Breeder: Eirlys Retrievers and EENP
Pedigree and Clearances

She is graceful, confident, sociable and a star at trick-training. We are very grateful to include Janie's rich pedigree influence at Eirlys Retrievers.
Eirlys Homecoming 
Whelped August 14, 2020
Breeder: Eirlys Retrievers and EENP
Pedigree and Clearances

Eirlys Anglesey 
Anela is our beautiful girl selected from the Xander x Scout litter. These puppies were show-stoppers from Day 1; and they were as easy to raise, as they are beautiful.

Anela is delightfully confident and she loves to learn. She also has a bit of a cheeky side like her beloved dam, Scout, and keeps us laughing. While playful, she also brings tenderness and comfort in her role as a therapy dog.

I am very grateful to Nancy and Cheri, long-time, and very skilled, service dog puppy raisers, for giving Anela an impressive upbringing. Anela means angel in Hawaiian and she is named in honor of Cheri's mother.
Whelped January 18, 2021
Breeder: Eirlys Retrievers
Pedigree and Clearances
Eirlys Nanda Devi 
Whelped December 23, 2020
Breeder: Eirlys Retrievers
Pedigree and Clearances
Devi is pure sunshine. She brings forward the delightful expressiveness her lineage is known for, thank you granddam Scout! Also, like her dam, Roux, she is very tender hearted and intuitive; a natural with children.

Devi is a petite gal with a sporting and agile build. She is outgoing and charming, which makes her a popular neighborhood playmate. When she is not meeting friends at the park, she is a quiet and engaged companion at home. 

Devi is cherished and enjoys a wonderful lifestyle with my dear friends, Bev and Joe, who were also caretakers for Devi's great, great granddam, Luna.